Education Ressources

Hier finden Sie eine Sammlung hilfreicher Links, zum Einsatz von iPad und Mac in Schule und Unterricht. Diese Seite wird fortlaufend aktualisiert.

On this page you'll find a collection of ressources that will help you to bring iPads and Macs to the classroom. This page is work in progress. 


Bildung, Apple:
Education IT Page, Apple:
Apple School Manager:
Hilfe zum Apple School Manager:
Hilfe zur Classroom App:
Hilfe zum Apple Configurator 2:
Hilfe zum Profile Manager:
Hilfe zu Apple Bereitstellungsprogrammen:
OS X Caching Server:
VPP Developer Site:
Fulfillment Portal:
Implementierungsreferenz für den Bildungsbereich:
Education Deployment Guide, iBook:
Referenz zur OS X Implementierung:
Referenz zur iOS Implementierung, Apple:
- Verwaltete Apple IDs, Apple:
- Einstellungen betreuter Geräte, Apple:
- Lost Mode, Apple:
Classroom App im App Store:
Apple Privacy:
Apple + Cisco Zusammenarbeit:
Configuration Profile Reference:

Knowledge Base

Apple School Manager:
Backup of device assigned apps:
Classroom App - Release Notes:
Education Preview:
VPP Fulfillment:
OS X Automation, Sal Soghoian:


Getting Started with Classroom, Apple:
iOS Deployment Overview for Education, Apple:
iOS Deployment Reference, Apple:
Assessments with iPad, Apple:
iOS Security Guide, Apple:
Apps in the Classroom, Apple:
iPad in Education, Apple:
VPP for Education Guide, Apple, Apple:
Apple Professional Learning, Apple:
Data and Privacy Overview for Schools, Apple:
Apple School Manager Agreement, Apple:
DEP Business Guide, Apple:
VPP Business Guide, Apple:
Enterprise Deployment Guide (DE), Apple:


Education Deployment Guide, Apple iBookStore:
iOS 9.3 Deployment Reference, Apple, iBookStore:
iOS Deployment Primer: Apple, iBookStore:

Hardware und Peripherie

Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter: for „frankensteining“
29W USB-C Power Adapter:
USB-C to Lightning Cable (1m):
USB-C to Lightning Cable (2m):

iPad Koffer

Cambrionix: On cambrionix' partner site you'll find a good overview of manufacurers

iPad Cases

STM Dux: 


Classroom App, Apple:


Platforms State of the Union:
What’s new in Apple Device Management:
Best Practices for Building Apps used in Business and Education:
What’s new in Swift:
Getting Started with Swift:
Introducing Swift Playgrounds:
Introducing Apple Filesystem:
How iOS Security really Works:
What’s new in Security:
Engineering Privacy for your Users:
NSURLSession, New Features and best Practices:
Deploying AirPrint in Enterprise:
Typography and Fonts:

WWDC 2015

App Extensions Best Practices:
What’s new in managing Apple Devices:
Supporting the Enterprise with OS X Automation:
Security and your Apps:
Networking with NSURLSession:
What’s new in Network Extensions and VPN:
Introducing the new System Fonts:


Platforms State of the Union:
Adopting Handoff on iOS and OS X:
ManagingApple Devices:
Building Apps for Enterprise and Education:
User Privacy in iOS and OS X:
Kids and Apps:

MDM Anbieter


Apple Profile Manager:
Bushel, JAMF Software:
Casper Suite, JAMF Software:
Intune, Microsoft:
Meraki, Cisco:


Out of School:
- Bradley Chambers
- Fraser Speirs:

Weitere Webseiten

Student Privacy Pledge:

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